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In La Grande there is a little-known church that, like the song, has a history whose name is representative of that famous hymn. Amazing Grace Fellowship, according to Union County records, was constructed in 1920.


Still faithfully attending, local resident Field Roberson and his wife Lillian came to the church in 1968. Field remains a familiar face around La  Grande, always smiling. Field Roberson made a promise to God that he would keep the doors of the church open to accommodate anyone. Many times Sunday service would find only Field in the church. Most times, he and Dorothy Trice would faithfully be there.


Field speaks of his prayers to God for more than 10 years, believing that God would send a pastor to bring revival to the church. Retiring from ministry (she thought), a local pastor was soon to be filling the pulpit at this "amazing" little Church. Pastor Carlyn Ashlock was to fill the faithful prayer request of Field. "I was retired from preaching, not retired from ministering," Ashlock says. "The only explanation I can give to being in the pulpit once again is that Field got ahold of God, and God got ahold of me. The love and acceptance in this place is above and beyond. It truly has been 'amazing grace' given by them to me and all who enter."


As the Body of Christ is made up of many different backgrounds and colors, so too is this church with an amazing history. 


Everyone is welcome.

1316 T Street, La Grande, Oregon | 541.568.4567 | Services on Sunday @ 10:30 a.m.

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 867, La Grande OR  97850


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